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Dog Friends

Learn what motivates your dog, how to speak the same language and how to tackle any training issues. My holistic approach creates dogs that are balanced, mentally and physically. No dog is untrainable.

Dog Training


All private training begins with an initial 1hr consultation. I will come to you and asses you and your dog and will provide you with tools and tricks to teach your dog how to be a well-mannered companion.

Strengthen your skills and confidence with a tailor made bundle designed for you and your dog.

Private training includes ongoing phone support and a personalised training plan to keep you and your dog on track.

Private training is ideal for those dog owners with tight schedules or who require the personalisation and flexibility that isn’t available in a group class environment. It does not require your dog to be fully vaccinated yet and can therefore be started as early as 8 weeks old. 

Private training is ideal for but not limited to

  • Leash manners

  • Recall

  • General obedience 

  • Greeting guests at the door

  • Relaxation around distractions 

  • Managing excitement

  • Separation anxiety

  • Puppy training 

Call me on 0406220756 for a free consultation to help design a training bundle that is perfect for your dog and your family


A supplementary service offered to dogs who are either currently enrolled in training programs or previously enrolled. I will personally take your dog for a one-on-one walk and train them during the walk. Ideal for owners needing extra assistance in training or dogs needing that extra mental and physical stimulation during the day. 

Walk & train service comes in either 30 minute or 1 hour sessions and includes written training reports and progress videos.

Available for any fully vaccinated dog. Ideal for

  • Dogs with separation distress.

  • Dogs left alone whilst owners are at work.

  • Dogs that are highly energetic and intelligent who need a little extra.

  • Maintaining established training. 

Ideal for training but not limited to:

leash manners, obedience training, recall training, puppy walking foundations, calm in public and maintenance of behaviour modification programs.

Dog Walk
Dog Walker


Join me and fellow dog owners in one of the many fun group training sessions available in greater Sydney (including the Central Coast). For upcoming group classes please go to the Upcoming Events page.

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